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You never really realize how much of this unresolved grief you are carrying around inside until you experience a major loss event that suddenly overwhelms you.  It may be the death of someone close to you.  It may be the death of a beloved pet.  It could be the break up of a significant relationship or a divorce.  It could be the loss of a job.  There are over 40 different events that can bring grief to your life.  Whatever the cause of your very personal grief, you suddenly find that you are struggling to face another day and that you can no longer keep stuffing that emotional pain and survive.


The fact this program alone has been shown to be evidence-based means that you do not need to be fearful that it can make a difference for you!

A Grief Recovery Support Group does not just support you in continuing to feel that emotional pain from week to week, but instead is a guided journey that helps you deal with all of the “unfinished business” of that relationship that is adding to your grief.  It helps you effectively address those things you wished might have been different, better, or more, as well as any feelings you might have about facing a different future that you might have planned prior to that loss event.  The actions you take in this program will allow you to once again enjoy any and all the fond memories that this relationship brought to your life, without continuing to grieve your loss.  It even works in less than happy relationships, by giving you the needed direction to take action so that the emotional pain of the relationship no longer is a burden that you must carry with you into the future.

"There is Now Proof that The Grief Recovery Method Can Make a Difference" by Stephen Moeller, Grief Recovery Specialist (Mar 28, 2019)(Partial Blog)

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