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Pet Loss Book


"For the past forty-four years as a practicing veterinarian, I have wished there was a book I could recommend to my clients to deal with their broken hearts when their pets have died.  Finally, The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss is available to help them deal directly with their emotions, at the time they most need it".


Dr. Suresh V. Dogra, DVM, Aloro Pet Clinic, Studio City, California

"Full disclosure:  My husband John and my son Cole coauthored this book with Russell.  John was helping grieving people deal with all losses -- very much including the deaths of pets -- when I met him thirty-four years ago.  I can't tell you how many have shed tears in our living room as he helped them deal with the agonizing pain caused by the death of the pet that has graced their lives.  This book contains the same help he gave them.  It will change your life.  It can't bring your pet back, but it can help you get back your heart".

Jess Walton, two-time Emmy award-winning actress

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