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Something to watch for when you're raw with grief ... are things we do to distract us from feeling the pain.  These can actually DELAY us from grieving and can make us feel worse. 


Please watch for extremes (too much or too little).

  • Keeping busy

  • Sleeping

  • Eating

  • Drinking

  • Shopping

  • Television

  • Video games

  • Isolation, etc.


The Grief Recovery Institute®

terms them as S.T.E.R.B.S.

Short-Term Energy-Relieving


Cautions to Grievers...

Firstly, please be gentle with yourself.  Your heart is broken and you are in pain.  It has taken courage for you to reach out for resources & help.  You have come to the right place!!

Most people avoid the "G" topic altogether and anyone grieving.  This is because they are afraid to say the wrong thing to upset you.  They are likely also afraid to learn what to do BEFORE something changes in their life.  We tend to avoid what we are afraid of.

Others will likely be well-meaning - but say the wrong thing.  The truth is there are NO magic words to make you feel better (but I wish there were).  But there are tools that have worked - in fact it's my passion to share them with everyone.

Try and be gentle with those who are trying to help.  They likely are saying what they have heard.  The 'pat' answers to try and make sense of things intellectually.  This does not help.

It is likely that you will be their teacher - as you share with them what you are needing.  Now do you value yourself enough to ask for help?

To understand how this helps - there is no obligation

for the FREE 45-minute consult.

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