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There are no Stages in Grief...

It's true, there are no Stages in Grief.  Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was a pioneer on the subject, which was great that people were starting to talk about Grief rather than avoiding it.  Her teachings were intended for those who received a terminal illness diagnosis from their Doctor.  To define the 5 emotional stages of grief:  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression & Acceptance.  It was not meant to define grief. 

Your grief is unique to you without time frames, or stages.  There is NO time line or time limit for Grief. 

Please let me share some examples:

  • If someone has lost their loved one - let's say a child.  There is no time-frame that will remove that pain.  Years down the road, the loss will still be there, but you will now have tools so you don't stay stuck in the pain of the loss. 

  • If a parent was absent (for whatever reason), looking at how that affected you.  What you wished would have taken place.  Grief tools help with this.  In fact, they help with any type of loss and any type of relationship (great or awful).

  • If the relationship was really difficult, it includes this too.  Looking at the relationship itself, what you wish was 'different, better, or more', in specific ways, does help to look at what you wish it was and look at the how to find completion.

So now what?  The Grief Recovery Method® teaches tools that DO help in specific ways.  The unique tools helped me so much that I am dedicated to help others.  I have never seen this not work for those who dedicate their time, energy & complete the weekly homework. 

For more information on myths about grief, when you book for a FREE 45 minute consult, you are eligible for a free book link.  When we chat, you can ask any questions you have about grief.

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