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Life Coach

However we feel is okay ... It's what we do WITH our feelings.  

But without tools & support,

we usually just go in circles and not move forward.

What does Grief look like?


  • Grief is as personal as a fingerprint, everyone grieves differently.

  • Every individual processes & expresses things differently.

  • Truly, there is really no comparison of losses or relationships.  As nothing is exactly the same.

  • Even in the same family, each person has a relationship with that person that is unique to the person.

  • Which is why we can NEVER compare relationships.

  • Sometimes we can't cry.  Other times we can't stop crying.

  • We can feel really numb and empty.

  • Daily routines may be challenging.

  • We can notice reduced concentration and being more forgetful.

  • Our sleep may be disrupted or lacking. 

  • We can feel a rollercoaster of emotions and unsure what to do with them.

  • We may feel fearful of what we are feeling & not know what to do.

  • There is hope - and this program does work.  It helped me and ALL I have worked with that complete the program.

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