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"Barb has grown and blossomed.  I believe her love for people, strong desire to serve people for God has naturally fit into her calling as a Chaplain.  I wholeheartedly endorse Barb. 

I know she will do her best at whatever she does".  Pastor JM

"Met Barb years ago and as she assisted in hospital visitation, initiated volunteer work in Care Homes including leading Celebration of Life services.  She loves to provide the things these people miss because of their confinement to these homes.  Barb has a cheery personality and is able to encourage and comfort those who are going through difficult times.  She obviously cares deeply about what happens in other people's lives and has demonstrated a desire to serve in whatever way she can". 

Pastor AP

"We have known Barb since our wedding, was the sole babysitter for our two small children when she lived in our area.  She has become a part of our family along with a close friend.  She has been there many times of need & emergency.  We know we can count on her.  We know what we say, stays with her.  She has a servant's heart.  We know she will be an awesome Chaplain with her love of people of all ages.  We would highly recommend her for any position of ministry where she can utilize the many gifts God has given to her".  


"I met Barb a number of years ago when she began to lead funeral services.  I saw her deep faith in God and her gentle and caring manner.  In all her interactions with clients she was both kind and non-judgemental.  I could again see how she was easy to talk to about whatever is in her hearts. 

She is also very good at keeping confidences.  Each client raved about her. 

They couldn't thank her enough for helping them in the process to obtain some closure. 

They found help with some of their grief work and pain while honoring their loved one in the way they wanted. 

Without hesitation I highly recommend Barb for funeral services, grief work and counseling and more. 

She well suits her profession and does so with a gentle spirit".


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