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Leading Celebration of Life, Memorial, Funeral Service ...

I am often asked - How do I plan this?  Where? 

  • I can meet with the main planners of the service at a convenient location.  Usually the main planners are the people closest to the deceased i.e. Spouse, Parent, Family or Friend.

  • There we can discuss some options of where a service can take place that can include a place of worship, funeral home, etc.  In these changing times, creative solutions can be found.

  • Was there a time frame the service would work best overall.  I recommend within 2-4 weeks unless there are those out of country that are being considered.  For that, it may be appropriate to obtain a video of the service so that it can be shared with those that are unable to attend for whatever reason.

  • Did the loved one have a specific faith, tradition or wishes?

  • What music was special to the cherished person?  Are there those in the family that would want to contribute to the program by speaking, singing, reading a poem or piece of Scripture.

  • I can assist with the program bulletin and coordination.

Would you like to learn more about this?  Please e-mail me at: 

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