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Faith in Me...

Because of what you saw within.

Through your guidance and care.

The gifts that were hidden.

Surfaced and began to mature.

You see the value.

Somehow there was more to let out

It is your sweet nature.

You have shed light,

Where there was darkness.

This has come to pass.

For you have faith in me.



"I just want to take a minute to express my gratitude for the time and care that Barb shared with me.  Her encouragement all the way through was so helpful to carry on and work through so many issues.  I know this will be life changing for me, and I plan to recommend it to people.  I would highly recommend doing this program with her.  She is a tuned-in, great listener!" 


"I went through the classes with two other students, Barb was our instructor.  The three of us came from differing backgrounds, each having various obstacles to work through. 

While I initially had no intention of doing the Loss History Graph, Relationship Graph, or Completion Letter, it did ultimately help me to put things into perspective.

Barb’s approach to leading the classes was very good as she is very sensitive to people’s emotions as they open up about past experiences. 


While I am excited for Barb to be pursuing this further avenue in which to conduct the classes (online); having gone through the program there is something to be gained in meeting and learning with total strangers that you become connected to on this journey through the classes".


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