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 "I couldn’t be more pleased with Barb.  I had recently lost my husband and was having a difficult time dealing with that loss. Barb was friendly, easy to talk to and was a wonderful listener.  With her help and The Grief Recovery Handbook she had me work from, I went from being totally distraught, to feeling hopeful. The exercises in the book, that I did each week, were essential in my recovery.

I give her 5 out of 5 stars because I wouldn’t change anything about her or our sessions that we had. The best thing about our sessions were that if we went over the time allotment, there was no extra charge, she didn’t “want to take food off my plate.”  If you’re looking for a someone that you can be totally open and honest with and you leave each session feeling a bit better than you did when you came into it - then I highly recommend Barb!" 





I find Barb to be a woman of deep personal faith in God, with a great heart of compassion, and a corresponding commitment to serve people.  No matter how busy she is with her ministries, she continues to give generously of herself to meet the needs of others and encourage them in their journey.  Her beautiful sense of humour and her musical gifts are real benefits to her in this regard, as she plays the piano / synthesizer / organ and leads worship services and sings at churches, weddings and funerals.  She also speaks at Sunday worship services, Celebration of Life and funeral services, leads grief classes and mentors". 

Rev. DT

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