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Leading Celebration of Life, Memorial, Funeral Service ...

I have had the privilege of coming along side individuals and families in their Grief process.  I lead Celebration of Life, Memorial or Funeral Services in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Including this changing time in our world, it is very important to acknowledge and grieve our losses.  Perhaps it will look differently, but it is significant for the family to find a way that works best in these world circumstances.

  • Part of this is to have a service of family and friends.

  • This is so important to say 'goodbye' to that part of the relationship.  To share stories and hear stories of the beloved person.

  • This is for you and yours --- even if the individual did not want a service.  Perhaps it is because they did not want to be a bother and did not realize how this can negatively affect their loved ones.

  • This includes when a death is somewhat expected when someone is ill or when it is completely unexpected.

  • I lead non-denominational services that reflect the deceased and family's wishes.

  • Those that do not have a service, often have difficulty moving forward from their grief.  So let's have a conversation of what this can look like for you and yours.

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