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Speaking Topics ...

Grief Recovery Open Session - approx. 1-1.75 hours (with question period as an option).  Working with your groups schedule (i.e. lunch period) at your office, facility, veterinary clinic, boardroom, etc.

  • Grief Recovery for specific groups defined by age, interest.

  • Grief Recovery - in supporting children with loss.

  • Grief Recovery - in helping parents & those working with children - with loss.

  • Grief Recovery - Pet Loss (helping Veterinarians & their staff).

  • Grief Recovery - to support First Responders (Police, Fireman, etc.), Veterans, etc.

  • Grief Recovery - supporting those left from Suicide.

  • Podcasts, Radio Interviews and Online

  • Healing Trauma and Faith in others and God (or Higher Power).

  • Suicide Prevention - signs to watch for.

  • Support & Education about Mental illness that include:  Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Burn-out.

  • Boundaries in Tough & Impossible, Narcissistic Relationships.

  • There is life after Trauma.

  • Abuse is never okay (verbal, physical, etc.).

  • There is life after Divorce.

  • Helping you be able to look to the future and new dreams.

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