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"Thank you again for your tremendous encouragement to me, and for your prayers!  My shoulders are lighter and I am looking forward again!!  Something I was unsure I would be able to do."



"This course made me realize that I had some incomplete recovery from various losses in my life. Upon completion of the course, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I felt energized. I was skeptical of being in a group, but in fact, it was extremely helpful. I have come out of the course with some useful tools that I am able to use when required for both myself and towards others".


"Barb has been the stabilizing force for all of us during this time of great upheaval. Her personal and professional skills are, without question, superior.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Barb for employment. Her work ethic, inner strength and compassion make her an ideal candidate for any position she may choose to pursue".


"Barb is sensitive and caring and seeks to live out her walk with God on a daily basis.  She has good listening skills and is accepting of people she comes in contact with, even those who do not share her own faith journey.  Her desire is to "journey with" others through the events of their lives.  Barb has experienced a number of difficult challenges in her own life journey that have contributed to making her the caring person that she is.  Because of her own challenges, she has developed the ability to understand and care for others.  I recommend her for any position".


"Met Barb many years ago.  She is a honest, thoughtful, trustworthy & considerate person.  She genuinely cares about people.  She has always had a heart for ministry and I know that whatever she pursues she will work diligently with prayer leading the way".


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