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When our heart hurts ... it distorts how we view & handle the future. 

It can stop us in our tracks, scared to trust new people or new situations. 

This can isolate and

close us off from the world.

There truly is HOPE.  These practical tools truly help (with confidential support) so that you can apply them, tackle the past, move forward, dream again,

thrive & blossom.



  • Grief is love unfinished...there are things that we wish were 'better, different, or more' in a relationship that may have been great or awful. 

  • Grief is stemmed from losses in life - these include death, divorce, miscarriage, moving, loss of health, loss of trust, loss of a dream, unfinished / incomplete relationships...things that we have stored in our heart of hearts that hurts so very much.

  • Without completion of these unfinished relationships it is very difficult to move forward.

  • This healing comes from specific tools & support.

  • The work is not dependent on whether the person is in your life, or not, living or not.  It is about your healing. 

  • The unfinished things can keep us stuck.

  • When our heart is broken.

  • When we can't believe ____ did that.

  • When life doesn't look like we had thought.

  • When health worsens for ourselves or someone we love.

  • When our loved one doesn't recognize us anymore.

  • When our loved one doesn't learn like other children.

  • When our miracle didn't happen.

  • When the ones we thought would fight for us - didn't.

  • When we thought they would stay - and didn't.

  • I have been leading Grief Recovery classes since 2004.  These tools have greatly helped me and all I have worked with.
  • I lead 1-on-1 online classes wherever there is an internet connection.  We meet weekly online for 7-10 weeks.  Adjusted to what you are needing.
  • This program began in 1977 and has been helping people worldwide.
  • This course is based on The Grief Recovery Handbook© and is intended to help those to live beyond their grief.
  • Don't let $ stop you - I will work with your budget the best I can.


FREE, no-obligation, confidential 45 minute consult.

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