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Faith Mentor

Growing in Christian Faith with a Mentor

If you're beginning to explore your faith, you may have questions that are tough to tackle. Searching the internet and studying on your own to learn more about your chosen faith can be helpful, but you may find conflicting answers to some of your toughest questions. This is where a faith mentor can help you understand and work through your beliefs when it comes to your spirituality.      

At Hope Life Coaching and Consulting, Chaplain Barbel Wray provides faith mentor services to help clients work toward a thorough understanding of their faith that puts them at peace with their beliefs. Working with a faith mentor is not denomination-specific, and there's no need for you to be at any particular point in your spiritual journey in order to utilize the services of a faith mentor.      

When you work with Chaplain Barbel, you'll explore the tough aspects of faith together. You'll delve into your own beliefs and struggles, talking through issues in a way that helps to bring solutions to light. You'll work to explore the Bible in a way that makes sense for you, answering tough questions and finding how your spirituality can help you in day to day life.                         
If you're interested in working with Chaplain Barbel as a faith mentor, please don't hesitate to reach out. She holds one on one sessions, group sessions, and also is able to connect with you for faith mentoring online. It's normal to have questions about your faith, and it can be helpful to seek the guidance of a trained professional.

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