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Funeral Celebrant

Chaplain Barbel Wray: Funeral Celebrant

When you're grieving the loss of someone you love, it can be hard to make plans to celebrate their life. This is where Chaplain Barbel Wray can help you and your family honor your loved one. As an experienced funeral celebrant and public speaker, Chaplain Barbel can speak at your loved one's memorial service to honor them in a way that helps everyone in the room feel comforted. She understands that it can be hard to talk about your loved one when you're going through this difficult time. She is happy to stand by you or read any Eulogies if that help support you and your family on that day.


When you decide to work with Chaplain Barbel, she'll work with you and your immediate family to gather some of the history, memories, events, and accomplishments that you want shared. This will give her a sense of who the person was and how you want the service to take place.


Talking about details beforehand also help to reduce the many stressful decisions being made, likely in a short time period. The service is often within 5 days of someone's passing and is also dependent on whether there is a viewing of the body or cremation. Are there out-of-town / out-of-country guests that need to arrange travel arrangements that include suggested places to stay? If cremation takes place, the timing can also be extended. I highly recommend that it is not postponed more than a few weeks as those that have, often delay in the grieving process and can find everyday living more challenging to complete until this part of the grief process is completed.


Chaplain Barbel can help you outline details with the Funeral Home (Church, Sanctuary, Community Hall, etc.) - regarding the set-up for the actual day. Are staff going to be utilized or are certain items being taken care of with family/friends? Is everyone in agreement with the obituary (at location, local newspaper) with actual dates, last names? Is there a specific charity you want listed in lieu of flowers?


These items are then listed in a bulletin format to be checked over prior to printing (by Staples, etc.). Is there a special picture you would like on the bulletin and perhaps printed to frame and display? Are there special songs / hymns you want sung, or a poem printed? Silk / fresh flowers - are they being displayed, reworked as a keepsake? As the information is processed, she will double check on the specifics to make sure nothing is missed.


Your family and your guests will be comforted by her words. Chaplain Barbel regularly works with people who are going through grief, and she understands how difficult the process can be. She'll be there with you every step of the way as you work together to honor the life of your loved one. She understands the tough emotions that come with this difficult time, and she'll be a helpful and calming presence as you and your family plan to celebrate your loved one's life.

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