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Here are some suggestions of how to start?

​First Step

  • Set up a FREE 45 minute consult with me.  It is confidential and without any obligation.

  • This allows you to share a bit of what you feel comfortable sharing about your losses, unfinished relationships.

  • I share about how these tools and my support can help you.

  • And we can see if we are a good fit to working together.


Second Step

  • We look at our calendars and find a convenient, weekly time to begin your healing.  (For the first 2-3 weeks the appointment will be about an hour, after that I allow 2 hours for you to share your completed homework with me).

  • Please fill out the Client Intake Form -

  • I send you a link to our 1-on-1 On-line video meeting on Zoom. 

  • Then, please accept the invitation and add to your calendars.

  • If you have changes to your schedule, please provide at least 24 hours notice or additional charges may apply.

Third Step

  • Please consider filling out a Membership Application form to request membership.  This allows you to utilize a monthly payment plan rather than paying in full - if that helps in your budgeting. 

  • Then, please create a Login to become a member and subscribe (password you create).

  • I will review for approval and confirm.

  • Please note the USA / CDA Funds option - depending on your location (please see plans separated in USA / CDA Funds).

  • Your information is NEVER shared or sold.

  • Members have access to additional resources and more.

  • Payment plans have a 3 month commitment, if you feel you don't need support after that, you have a choice of cancelling the monthly payments.

  • Additional support is available on the Payment plans as well for Grief Recovery and Life Coaching.
  • Payment can also be made in full by Credit/Debit or by e-mail transfer from your banking institution (the latter more so in Canada) to my e-mail address:

  • At least a partial payment needs to be processed before our first meeting.

  • Please ensure you have purchased the latest Grief Recovery Handbook (20th Anniversary Edition, © 2009, that also has - Trauma & PTSD).  It is available on Amazon also as a kindle edition if that is your preference.  Or, please order the book from your local bookstore (saves on shipping) or at (the latter for USA mostly).

  • In the interim, or to start right away, the kindle version can be downloaded on any PC/Mac.  And many libraries also have this available for borrowing.

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