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Next steps...

Fourth Step

  • A computer is helpful for the homework but not necessary.  But a Smart Phone / I-phone is necessary.  The homework can be printed at a local copy centre, or notes on a scribbler works too.  The assignments are all important for your recovery - please don't sabotage yourself.

  • A headset with microphone is important for our On-line 1-on-1 Zoom meetings - on laptop / phone.  (Please go to the meeting 5 minutes ahead to make sure that your sound speaker/headset and microphone are working).  (Sometimes the Control Panel in Windows can be helpful).

  • If our internet connection is down, please make sure you have provided your phone # to continue that appointment on the phone.  I will phone you (within North America).

  • The first 2-3 weeks are about an hour.  Then I allow 2 hours to give you the time you need to share your weekly homework.  Please find a quiet corner without interruptions.  This time is for you. 


Fifth Step

  • When you have completed the Grief Recovery homework and any additional homework given.

  • Then, you can decide if you have more than the 3 required Relationships to complete.

  • Upon completion, I request that you provide a review to me; a confidential evaluation online at The Grief Recovery Institute®.

  • I will provide you with a Certificate of Achievement for you to also give yourself credit for your hard work.

  • If you ever want me to help with upcoming losses - Alumni consults are also available.

  • Please note that this does not permit you to lead classes yourself, but you can influence others how this has helped you - towards them seeking out assistance for themselves. 

  • Each referral is an honour for me, and I will treat it with confidentiality, integrity and care.

  • If that person is not a good fit to me, I will try and help them find another resource that fits for them - either closer to their location, or more to their special request.

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