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Please note ...

  • Additional homework may be given, dependent on what supports you best in this process.

  • We go at a steady pace, so you will see encouraging changes, a bit every week.

  • This is not a 'quick fix', which is best for you, as learning this skills will 'stick' to your new tool belt.  Because you are learning and utilizing the skills with support, it won't fade away.

  • When you have completed at least 3 relationships and shown that you understand the program - then you will feel less weight on your heart, shoulders and mind.

  • These tools will keep you from old 'survival' behaviours that haven't helped you grieve (i.e. Extremes in eating, drinking, shopping, etc.). 

  • People around you will begin to notice a difference ... which can already cause healing in their heart and yours.  Because you are stuffing less - your emotions will also be less extreme.

  • You will now be an influence to others on what not to do/say to support themselves and those in their life by your example.

  • You will be more open to look at things in a fresh way - and more open to look at life, relationships, work, additional learning, future goals, etc. with a more balanced approach.

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