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Life Coach

However we feel is okay ... It's what we do WITH our feelings.


But without tools & support,

we usually just go in circles and not move forward.

Some of my podcast interviews

​Interviewed by Dr. Melanie Beahm, Grief Talks Hope Answers

Chaplain Barbel Wray shares

"The Unfinished Things That Keep us Stuck in Grief"



Interviewed by Jessica Ann Frasier, LPC - re: Grief Recovery - Intellectual Comments and Safe People


In this episode, Jessica interviews Chaplain Barbel Wray on the things people say to grievers that aren't helpful and who our safe people are. Barbel tells us that grief is the result of anything that breaks our hearts. 

If you are interested in working with Barbel you can find her on her website at or you can reach her through email at

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