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Summary of Week # 1

We both share and establish rapport.  I listen to what brings you there as 'heart with ears', with confidentiality and safety.  Then we discuss what Grief is and how an Incomplete Past can vastly affect the future.  We talk about some of the misinformation given about Stages in Grief (there are no stages);  What Grief can look like and learning about Self-Care; Myths like "Time Heals, Keep Busy" that many well-meaning people say that are not helpful.  Truthfully, we are taught how to acquire, but not what to do when we lose them.  You'll find that most people want to avoid the "G" topic altogether, but this is also not helpful as things that are stuffed always come out somewhere. This can show itself in headaches, digestion issues, extremes in behavior that can distract but not help us in our pain.  


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are feeling really down, things are looking very black, and you are having trouble with everyday life ---- please go immediately to the hospital, call 911, go to your Doctor and counselor.  Sometimes our chemicals can be very low and we may need specific help us to level our emotions to cope for a period of time.  This is nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, asking for help, is courageous and healthy.

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