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This program has reached hundreds of thousands worldwide - and is the only program of its kind.

Grief is Recoverable...

When we learn the correct tools

& Receive the Support we need


  • With correct information and choices, a person can recover from any significant loss (per founder John W. James).

  • The pursuit of Grief Recovery began from a broken heart.  The resources were not available anywhere that we might assume (i.e. Doctors, Counselors, Therapists, Funeral Directors, or the Universities/Colleges, etc. that teach them).

  • This is specifically for anyone struggling with unresolved grief issues.  The actions taught - will lead you to completion of the pain of the loss.  Completion helps you feel 'unstuck' and able to move forward.

  • Completion is necessary in order to move forward.

  • This course is based on The Grief Recovery Handbook© and is intended to help those to live beyond their grief.

  • It's true - "Overcoming Grief:  You can't go over, under, or around it ... you must go THROUGH it".


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