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​The Grief Recovery Method® provides TOOLS

for your life tool belt.


How does this work?

  • I will introduce to you how The Grief Recovery Method is unique, unlike anything else. 

  • This is only for those who WANT to heal and FEEL better and are willing to do the hard work to move forward.

  • This action-oriented program teaches specific tools that will help you find completion in unfinished relationships, and life events.

  • This work is for YOUR healing, and is not dependent on whether the person is in your life, for whatever reason i.e. Death, Divorce, Estrangement, Abandonment, etc.

  • For example, when trust is broken, tackling the event, examining the specific relationship --- These tools help you to look forward ... towards trusting again ... being open to new relationships, etc.

  • This has effectively worked for 40 years - likely to millions of people worldwide and is now Evidence-Based.

  • The Grief Recovery Handbook is the manual for this course.  The latest version has Trauma & PTSD included.

  • I have found the tools to be most effective when weekly, progressive work takes place with safe support.

These tools are not taught in the usual places -

but I wish they were.​

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