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​The Grief Recovery Method® provides TOOLS

for your life tool belt.

Specific tools - with support - that help you to tackle these tools, deal with unfinished relationships (without involving the person who may/may not be in your life, or still alive).

This is for YOUR healing.

The ONLY time I haven't seen it work - is when someone doesn't do the homework in the program. 


I love seeing people move forward.  These tools are what I utilize for all my Coaching / Mentoring clients


Some Benefits of Working with me...

  • I have been a mentor for 40 years; leading Grief Recovery Method® classes individuals & groups for 15 years. 

  • I have seen more people successfully move forward with the Grief Recovery program in a feasible period of time. 

  • 7-10 weeks - we meet every week Online - and we take the 1-2 hours needed to processing the homework.

  • It is completely confidential & safe - both keys to healing.

  • I set that time only for you, and commit to that time.  In turn I expect you to do your homework and show up.  I will gently hold you accountable to completing the program & your goals.

  • If you have questions during the week, you can e-mail any questions.  And, if needed, can add an additional time frame to support you.

  • If you are tired of the past unfinished relationships keeping you from enjoying life --- then this program is RIGHT for you!!

  • Working with a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist™ is key, as we are experienced in how to tackle grief - because we have utilized these tools for ourselves as well.

  • The unique tools are designed to specifically tackle unfinished relationships that you wish to be 'better, different, and more'.

  • You don't have to filter what you are saying to spare someone's feelings.  You now can finally get out what you have been taught to stuff.

  • The method provides an insightful perspective to the + and - of significant, unfinished relationships to you.

  • This process depends on your hard work and is not shared with the person that may / may not be in your life for whatever reason. 

  • When you have these skills in your 'tool belt', then you are able to better tackle the present, the past and the future.

  • You'll be able to look forward, dream again and be more open in relationships.

What is stopping you from booking

your FREE consult now?

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