​The Grief Recovery Method® provides TOOLS

for your life tool belt.

Specific tools - with support - that help you to tackle these tools, deal with unfinished relationships (without involving the person who may/may not be in your life, or still alive).

This is for YOUR healing.

The ONLY time I haven't seen it work - is when someone doesn't do the homework in the program. 


I love seeing people move forward.  These tools are what I utilize for all my Coaching / Mentoring clients

Some Benefits of Working with me...

  • I have been a mentor for 40 years; leading Grief Recovery Method® classes individuals & groups for 15 years. 

  • I have seen more people successfully move forward with the Grief Recovery program in a feasible period of time. 

  • 7-10 weeks - we meet every week Online - and we take the 1-2 hours needed to processing the homework.

  • It is completely confidential & safe - both keys to healing.

  • I set that time only for you, and commit to that time.  In turn I expect you to do your homework and show up.  I will gently hold you accountable to completing the program & your goals.

  • If you have questions during the week, you can e-mail any questions.  And, if needed, can add an additional time frame to support you.

  • If you are tired of the past unfinished relationships keeping you from enjoying life --- then this program is RIGHT for you!!

  • Working with a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist™ is key, as we are experienced in how to tackle grief - because we have utilized these tools for ourselves as well.

  • The unique tools are designed to specifically tackle unfinished relationships that you wish to be 'better, different, and more'.

  • You don't have to filter what you are saying to spare someone's feelings.  You now can finally get out what you have been taught to stuff.

  • The method provides an insightful perspective to the + and - of significant, unfinished relationships to you.

  • This process depends on your hard work and is not shared with the person that may / may not be in your life for whatever reason. 

  • When you have these skills in your 'tool belt', then you are able to better tackle the present, the past and the future.

  • You'll be able to look forward, dream again and be more open in relationships.

What is stopping you from booking

your FREE consult now?


My Passion is to be Present for you in your Grief & Unfinished Relationships...

Helping you tackle your past, move forward, dream again, thrive & blossom.

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